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MotorCheck — Packed with Features

MotorCheck combines industry-leading features that protect your business from risk and loss.

Vehicle Identity Check

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The right vehicle every time! Avoid buying a 'clone' or 'ringer' by checking that our VIN matches the V5 and physical VIN.

Finance Checks

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Don't inherit someone else's debt. Be instantly alerted to any finance owing on a vehicle before you buy it.

Write-Off's, Salvage & Scrapped

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Find out if an insurance company has ever written off a vehicle and categorised it as a 'total loss'.

Stolen Checks

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Find out instantly if this car is one of the seventy-five thousand stolen vehicles recorded on the police database each year.

Detailed Mileage Checks

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With hundreds of millions of mileage records, including MOT, DVLA and Service Records, verifying a vehicle's mileage is easy with MotorCheck.

Previous Owner Checks

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Is it a lemon? Find out how many keepers there have been as well as how long the current keeper and previous keepers have had the car.

Cherished Plate Transfers

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See the full picture! Learn about previous UK number plates that have been linked to any vehicle you're researching.

MOT & TAX Check

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Obtain important details about the vehicle's current MOT along with its test history and mileage records.

Used Car Valuations

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Get an instant, expert opinion on the current market value of a used car.

Cash Offers

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A Cash Offer gives you the ability to close any deal involving a Part Exchange in seconds.

Running Costs

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Determine the total cost of ownership by getting the estimated annual cost to insure, tax and fuel the vehicle.

Manufacturer Warranty

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Get key details about the Manufacturer's Warranty and the amount of time remaining under each category.